State of Southern Oregon

Detective Josh Nieminen
Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force

“Human trafficking is a hidden and growing problem in Southern Oregon. I have interviewed the victims affected by human trafficking and I have seen first-hand the damage caused by this horrible crime.

The majority of the state is in denial and believes that because they do not see the problem, the problem does not exist. I can speak honestly and say this is not true. “

This crime is one that causes the victims to believe they are criminals. Therefore, they rarely come forward. Yet, the victims are there, hidden behind the scenes having their childhood taken from them.

The greatest way to combat the problem is to increase awareness throughout the state, helping the victims realize they are victims, and not criminals.

With the help of of human trafficking awareness groups and church organizations, we can bring this growing problem to light and hope to someday eliminate the cancer that is human trafficking.”

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